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When you are next looking to hire skilled event staff for a brand product launch, trade show appearance, or other promotional event, the chances are that a mixologist will be somewhere on your “shopping list”. And mixologists are certainly among the specialist staff that our own BrandWarriors routinely source for clients. 

But of course, we’re also sure that you won’t be happy to hire just “any old” mixologist. After all, a mixologist isn’t simply a bartender, although the two terms are frequently used interchangeably. 

In order to be deservedly called a mixologist, such a person that you may hire for your next promotional event will need to be skilled in the creation of cocktails and other mixed alcoholic beverages. 

As part of this, whoever you hire for this role will need to possess in-depth knowledge of relevant high-quality ingredients. This will enable them to analyse flavour profiles, so that they can devise the drinks that they can be sure of the event attendees loving. 

So, being able to mix drinks, and come up with all manner of fascinating new combinations of ingredients that delight the palate; that’s an obvious enough characteristic you will want your next mixologist to have. But what other qualities should you expect them to have? 

Below, we’ve detailed a few of them: 

  • Punctuality.      This is, of course, an expectation you should have every time you hire      skilled event staff, of any type. But a fundamental part of the job of a      mixologist will be the preparation of drink ingredients prior to customers      even arriving at the venue or event, so this ought to be something you      especially demand from your chosen mixologist. 

  • Creativity.      It’s one thing to possess enviable skills in the mixing of alcoholic      beverages, but it is quite another thing to also use those skills to      excellent effect, time and time again, drawing upon their own deep wells      of creativity. A great mixologist is a true “creative”, with the ability      to mix new drinks and come up with fun beverages that guests at the given      event might not have expected. 

  • Communicativeness.      To return to a theme we referenced earlier in this article, someone being      a bartender doesn’t necessarily mean they have the skills and knowledge to      be able to call themselves a mixologist. However, a mixologist is a      kind of bartender, which will make it crucial for any mixologist you hire      to have all the great communication and people skills that the finest      bartenders have. A mixologist therefore needs to be friendly, engaging,      and committed to providing consistently excellent customer service. 

The above qualities are certainly all ones that the mixologists in our database of contacts at BrandWarriors possess. So, when you next need to hire skilled event staff who will make a real difference to the success of your brand’s product launch, trade show, or similar event, there is no need to look further than our leading promotional staffing agency


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