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Even by the usual standards of specialist staff at promotional events, it seems that promotional models can be subject to more than a few unhelpful misconceptions. And that’s a shame, given what a profound role such models have long played in helping to elevate brand events – such as product launches, sampling events, and trade shows – to the highest possible level of impact.

What, then, are some of those misconceptions, and how do they compare to the reality? 

“They’re just there to look pretty” 

This might be the biggest myth of the many that have arisen down the years in relation to promotional models. Inherent in this belief is the perception that promotional modelling is in some way an “easy job” for those who “have the right look”. 

As the promotional models that we have long maintained contacts with here at BrandWarriors can testify, this job is definitely not just about the “look”! It also calls, for example, for the model to have an engaging personality for all the contact they have with event attendees, and it can be a physically exhausting job too, with models often expected to stay on their feet all day. 

And yes, particular promotional modelling assignments might well come with very particular appearance requirements as far as the client is concerned. But even this is only one element of what life is like for a promotional model. 

“Promotional models are just women – you never see men as promotional models” 

This is one of the most blatantly inaccurate myths about promotional models! Men do indeed routinely work as promotional models, and as a trusted and long-established promo staffing scout here at BrandWarriors, our own agency has a database of male promotional models to call upon, should they be needed for any suitable assignment. 

“Promotional models are always expected to wear skimpy clothing” 

We are very conscious here at BrandWarriors of the importance of addressing this point, not only for brands that are considering hiring promotional models, but also people who might be thinking about embarking on this career, perhaps in association with our own agency. 

The fact is that while there may well be events for which a brand might wish its hired promotional models to wear bathing suits or other clothing that could otherwise be considered “revealing”, this is far from universally the case for every brand assignment. 

Promotional models are routinely called upon to undertake all manner of assignments, which can bring certain sartorial requirements. However, of equal importance to promotional models’ versatility, is their freedom of choice with regard to the assignments, and dress codes, that they are comfortable with taking on. 

In short, in the 2020s, promotional modelling is far from a field that is merely associated with “skimpy clothing”; indeed, it has always been a much more multifaceted occupation than this.

Are you a brand contemplating the merits of promotional models at your own next promotional event, or perhaps you like the idea of joining us as one of our promotional models or other specialist staffers? If so, you are very welcome to reach out to BrandWarriors to learn more about what could be possible when you join forces with our “fighting fit” team. 


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