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We have a tribe of Brand Warriors all over the UK, ready to fight for some of the best brands in the World.

They all have specialist skills, but the one thing they have in common is talent.

And not just the kind of talent you’ll see on stage at a Saturday night TV show. To be a Brand Warrior, you have to possess more than a pair of jazz hands and a winning smile.

Every Brand Warrior earns their title by passing the toughest recruitment test in the industry to prove they can compete on the street. Whether that’s knowing the product as well as the people who made it or selling the brand like they’re its biggest fan.

We have trained over 3,500 of them but we need more in Plymouth. You could be actor, tech geek, fitness fanatic, mixologist or presenter, but above you need the characteristics of a warrior.


Please register if you think you have what it takes!