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Promotional tech specialist
Oculus Experiential

Training your ground team on how to effectively use and showcase new experiential tech is crucial for a successful brand activation. Providing in-depth training and practical simulations will empower them to confidently engage with customers and enhance their overall experience with your brand. It's important to emphasise the benefits of the technology and ensure your team can effectively communicate its value to attendees. By investing in thorough training for your staff, you can maximize the impact of the technology and leave a memorable impression on your target audience.



Having a thorough understanding of experiential technology is crucial for effectively training your team and leveraging it to meet your business goals. While vendors can showcase the capabilities, it's essential for brands to comprehend how to apply these tools to achieve specific outcomes and metrics. By identifying these objectives from the start, you can ensure that your event staff is equipped to utilise the technology to its fullest potential and drive success for your brand or company.

Give them time

Providing event training materials to staff early on is crucial for ensuring a smooth and successful event. By giving them the necessary information and resources ahead of time, staff will be better prepared to handle any technical challenges and fulfil their responsibilities during the event. This proactive approach not only boosts their confidence but also enhances the overall experience for all participants.

Key messaging

It is crucial for event staff to recognise that the integration of new experiential tech such as AR and VR is not merely for impressing attendees, but it serves as a tool to achieve overarching event objectives. By providing comprehensive training on the objectives, staff can leverage the technology effectively to enhance interactions and engagement with attendees while keeping the focus on delivering measurable results rather than getting caught up in the novelty of the tech itself.


Be prepared

It is important for event staff to be prepared for potential hiccups when utilising new technology or features by having backup plans in place. By being able to seamlessly shift, reassure, and refocus in case of unexpected issues, your team can ensure that the customer experience remains positive and aligned with the brand message. Staying updated on the latest trends and innovations in experiential tech can also provide valuable opportunities for companies to differentiate themselves and engage audiences effectively.


Brand Warriors are a reliable partner for creating successful events by providing staffing solutions. Our comprehensive services, from recruitment to training to execution, suggest a seamless and dedicated approach. Contact us today to enhance the effectiveness of event planning and execution.



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