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You might think that you know who promotional staff are; individuals who are trained to represent and promote your brand, including at all manner of in-person events such as product launches, award ceremonies, and sampling campaigns. 

Even if this is the case for you, however, you might not fully appreciate all the benefits that the most skilled promotion event staff can bring to your brand. 

So, let’s take a closer look at just five things that such staff could help your organisation achieve in its experiential efforts. 

Introduce a new product 

It’s one thing to bring a new product to market, but quite another thing to bring it to life for in-person audiences. 

Yes, there might be an element of risk to promoting a new product in a live environment, including giving attendees the chance to sample the product directly. However, the right promotion event staff will know how to manage and minimise those risks, while providing an all-round experience that brings a strong payoff in the form of success for the product. 

Bring value to the shopping experience 

When you arrange for promotion event staff to represent your brand at in-store events, they can serve as a powerful complement to your existing ‘high-street’ shopping experience. 

The chance to interact in person with a proud and enthusiastic ambassador for your brand – who will also be able to answer the questions audiences may have about your products – will help make your brick-and-mortar store an even greater draw in the post-COVID age. 

Educate potential customers 

We touched on it above, but it is worth emphasising; promotional staff can have a strong educational role, too. 

Consumers who are hesitant about change, and who might need to be convinced of some of the merits of your latest products and/or services, can be left better informed and inspired about those merits after a conversation with your promotion event staff. 

Demonstrate to customers how your products work 

Many brands hold in-person promotional events in part so that they can host live demonstrations that make clear how a product works in something at least vaguely resembling a ‘real-world’ situation. 

Such demonstrations can be especially potent for products – such as tech devices – with features that might not be easily relatable when they simply appear on a specification sheet on the product page of an ecommerce store. And of course, the right promotion event staff can go a long way to showing how those features help relieve the customer’s pain points. 

Drive sales of your products and/or services 

Ultimately, this is the big goal behind in-person events. The experience of direct, face-to-face interaction with a brand representative is one with benefits for the brand that can be difficult to replicate through other means. 

If you are serious about bolstering your brand’s sales and its return on investment (ROI) from its campaigns, you will also take seriously the contribution that the most skilled and well-trained promo staff can make to such goals. 

When you are looking to get the best out of your organisation’s next promotional event, there is no need to look beyond BrandWarriors. Call us today, on 020 7702 3600, to discuss with us how we could help you achieve the most worthwhile outcomes from your upcoming campaigns. 


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