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As we have written about previously here at BrandWarriors, a flash mob can form a powerful and novel part of your brand’s marketing. The term “flash mob” refers to a group of people arranging to come together in a public place to do something funny, silly, or otherwise distinctive, before promptly leaving. 

It’s a simple concept that leaves a lot of scope for creativity and flexibility. But if you are seriously considering a flash mob as a means of generating awareness of your brand, you will also need to know the crucial steps involved in organising one. 

So, let’s set out some of those steps below. 

Come up with an idea for your flash mob 

The term “flash mob” can cover quite a lot of potential forms of public performance. So, one of the first things that you will need to do is determine what you would like your brand’s flash mob to look like. 

That will mean applying your creativity, so that your flash mob does not simply look like a copy of something a competitor brand might have done in the past. 

Although flash mobs often consist of dance routines to popular music, that is not always the case. Your own brand’s flash mob could draw more extensively upon the performers’ theatrical skills, or be artistic or thought-provoking. The flash mob could even simply resemble an overt promotion of your brand. 

The fact is, there are many different shades of boldness and subtlety when it comes to possible ideas for a flash mob. 

Determine a suitable date, time, and location 

Again, if you have watched videos of flash mobs in the past – or even been present when a flash mob took place – you will have noticed that they tend to be held in locations where there is a lot of wide-open space, but also a lot of public foot traffic. 

It’s no coincidence, of course, that such locations are chosen. Spaces like town centres and shopping centres offer the right mix of a ready-made audience and not exactly being the kinds of spaces in which someone would expect something unconventional to happen. 

So, you will want to look at when certain spaces are normally busy with people simply going about their business, and select a date and time that is likely to work well for capturing such people’s attention. 

Recruit people who have the suitable flash-mob skills 

You might not exactly have seen many “flash mob operative” roles being advertised at the job centre during your time on Earth thus far, but we can assure you that there are capable performers out there who can help your brand execute its flash mob to perfection. 

Indeed, it’s why so many brands like yours turn to our BrandWarriors – because they know we have an excellent portfolio of top specialist talent already, including the singers, dancers, and other performers who are able to represent their brand to best effect at a promotional event. 

While a flash mob may not seem like the most “obvious” kind of promotional event compared to something like a trade show or product launch, it effectively is an event, necessitating the right skills and experience to make it a reality. 

The more informal flash mobs that first gave rise to the phenomenon may have largely consisted of hip youngsters gathering their mates together, but a flash mob being organised for your brand needs to be carried out with the utmost professionalism. The performers that we have contacts with can ensure exactly that for you; we really can act as your complete promo staffing scout

Have a way of documenting the flash mob 

Presumably, as your brand’s flash mob is a marketing intervention that you will be investing a lot of time and money in as an organisation, you won’t want to depend on someone happening to have their smartphone with them in order to film it all. So, be sure to arrange for professionals using suitably high-quality video recording equipment to capture the performance for posterity. 

Having multiple people with video cameras on-site will allow you to capture the flash mob from different angles, so that no detail is missed. One particular ‘essential’ is to have an operator shooting a wide/establishing shot from an angle some way above the flash mob performers, so that a sense of the scale of the flash mob can be given. 

Oh, and we’d like to think it goes without saying that you will then want to share that footage of the flash mob across your brand’s online marketing channels, including its website, blog, and social media profiles. This will help get even more people talking about it. 

Organising a flash mob can be a lot of fun, although when it is being done for brand marketing purposes, it is also of critical importance to get every last detail of the performance right.

To learn more about how our BrandWarriors can assist you in achieving exactly that, including by serving as your indispensable promo staffing scout, please don’t hesitate to contact us today


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